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About Us


Dorothy J. Nickleberry, Founder & Publisher

WORD UP Community Magazine was created in 2003/2004, by D&M Marketing and Publishing, Inc., a company located in Saginaw, Michigan and founded in 1999.  We began publication with a key focus on providing uplifting and informative content on a wide range of topics and issues for the benefit of all people in our local community. 




What Inspired Us To Begin the Magazine?

D&M had a vision of creating a magazine offering insight, positive perspectives of negative information and advice from real people on real-life issues. We wanted to provide a unique local advertising venue for media, businesses, schools, universities, service providers, ministries, churches organizations and more! WORD UP COMMUNITY strives to be a publication geared to inform and educate people about these businesses, programs, or specialties, and also be a place where writers can have an opportunity to grow and learn by sharing their work in a positive environment.


The owners of WORD UP Community Magazine are also the owners of D&M Marketing and Publishing, Inc. a Marketing Consultant & Ad placement Corporation for print, radio, TV and billboards.

We are an innovative company that desires to impact our community for the better. We have dedicated and professional team members who strive for the highest degree of excellence in all that they do.

D&M Marketing New_Beginnings_Logo copy.j
D&M Marketing New_Beginnings_Logo copy.j

Where to Find WORD UP COMMUNITY Magazine? 
We are distributed FREE to the public, historically in high traffic locations such as churches, schools, universities, chambers of commerce, convention centers, and visitor’s bureaus across Saginaw, Bay City, Midland, and Flint areas.

We have adapted to recent circumstances, and are primarily online via an e-magazine. This gives our advertisers valuable exposure to a vast array of different people. 

D&M Marketing New_Beginnings_Logo copy.j
D&M Marketing New_Beginnings_Logo copy.j
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